Piece Replacement Service

Piece Replacement Service


Losing puzzle pieces happens to us all. The team at A&F will personally search through puzzle boxes to find your missing piece. There is a very simple 2-step process to get your replacement piece(s). Postage is included in the cost. 



Choose how many pieces you want replaced from the drop down menu. The price will adjust automatically for extra pieces. 


So you are not charged shipping on this service, please use coupon code PIECEREPLACEMENT when checking out. If you are purchasing less than 3 puzzles with the service, this code is not availble to use.



Send us a picture (and any other information mentioned below) like the one shown.  It is needed to let us know the cut pattern you have.


Specifically, we need to see a clear picture of the area around the missing piece. Please show at least 1-2 pieces out from the missing piece area, on all sides. Please do not take the photo on an angle. Take it shooting straight down onto the puzzle. 


After purchasing the replacement service, please send your photos and puzzle information to artandfablepuzzleco@gmail.com. We will take it from there!



Please keep in mind that the puzzle poster can shift during the cutting process, so your piece may be a bit off from the original.


Other helpful information you can share with us:

1. Tell us the Grid Number of the missing piece(s). Counting from the top left piece over and then down, tell us what piece is missing.  Ex: 15 over and 10 down.     


2. The Puzzle No. on the box is also helpful. Ex: 02.19B


3. Please tell us where you bought the puzzle.


4. If you have any, we want to see your extra pieces, so please take a picture of these as well and send to us.


5. A picture of the whole puzzle is helpful, but again, not absolutely necessary.