The Art & Fable Puzzle Company was forged with purpose

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Our mission is simple :

To kindle curiosity and ignite enthusiasm for visual art in the modern world through the simple and profound pleasure of puzzling.

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The visual arts are an integral part of any flourishing culture. Yet our modern world offers increasingly fewer venues for painters to showcase their work in a manner that maintains focus on appreciating the art itself. With this diminished exposure to non-commercial art, the general public has mostly lost interest in the world of painting. We envision a future where the audience for hardworking painters  expands outside of exclusive art communities- a world where anyone can passionately engage with art, as they would with their favorite song or movie. 


We believe that classic jigsaw puzzles may be a simple and surprisingly effective way to spark genuine, long-lasting appreciation for art in the modern world. When re-assembling a painting in puzzle form, we tend to notice details about the piece we hadn’t previously: The subtle shifts of color and value, the variety of the brushstrokes.. It allows us to interact with a painting in a more intimate way, and, perhaps even step briefly into the mind of the painter themselves. Through facilitating this kind of experience, we hope to deepen appreciation and understanding of artist’s works, processes, and individual stories.


Art & Fable Puzzle Co. and the tiny team behind it

exist to bridge these gaps of access in bringing Fine Art

to the homes of everyone - through the simple and profound joy

of engaging a classic jigsaw puzzle.


Our dedicated team is a family of art enthusiasts and passionate puzzlers who strive to make the very best classic jigsaw puzzles available today. Each of our puzzles is carefully die-cut from 100% recycled paper and topped with our unique, non-glare Velvet Touch finish to ensure that each piece is not only a perfect fit, but also feels as great as it looks! 


All of our puzzles are made with a painter’s eye for detail, and we take great pride in meticulously reproducing the art we feature to the precise specifications of the artists we work with. They are complete packages as well, ready to savor now and always with a frameable print, box-top stand, and  resealable bags to ensure you never lose a piece!

 Meet The Team 


Marcia Durgin

CEO & Founder 

Marcia Durgin is the heart of Art & Fable. Durgin was already a successful business owner, the co-founder of Crossroads Bake Shop with her husband, when she started her second family business, this time bringing on her two daughters. As an experienced lover of puzzles, Durgin began dreaming about a puzzle that offered high quality art in addition to being environmentally and socially responsible. Within a year, Durgin worked hard to make her perfect puzzle a reality - contracting local living artists, forming partnerships with charities, and searching for the best manufacturers to help in sharing her dream.


Adelyne Rizzo

Art Director

& Graphic Designer

Adelyne Rizzo joined our team after graduating from the Florence Academy of Art. Moving back to Bucks County, Rizzo began working full-time as a painter in addition to being our creative and artistic director -- even sharing her art studio with our puzzle inventory. Rizzo is in charge of the digital design work, enhancing puzzle images and curating the puzzle selection. Her dedication and design experience brings an essential soul to Art & Fable, serving as inspiration behind our support for living artists and our local art community.


Mei Peng Rizzo

Editor In Chief

Mei Peng Rizzo is our chief editor and content writer. With an editorial eye, Rizzo creates the content printed on each puzzle box and published on our website. Creating artist biographies and ensuring a certain level of professionalism in all of our writing, Rizzo works to convey the beliefs and values of both the artists and our company directly to our customers. As a current student at Northeastern University, Rizzo utilizes her academic background in the research and design of our presentation, creating our voice and putting our sentiments into words.


The Art & Fable Difference

Just a few things that set us apart


Who says doing a puzzle can't be a tactile pleasure?

The smooth- textured velvet touch pieces in our puzzle collection cultivates a luxurious puzzle experience. 


In every Art & Fable puzzle box you will find 3 ( yes, three ) bonus items that we designed specifically to make your jigsaw experience better than ever. 

High Quality Print   Box Top Stand   Resealable Bag


We license images from talented artists to provide them with a new source of income for the artworks they produce.


Socially conscious giving is highly appreciated, so you can

be sure your gift will be too.




Paper Puzzles are Earth Friendly

We love that our jigsaw puzzles tread lightly on the earth.


We purposely selected smaller box sizes which have a reduced carbon footprint compared to standard

puzzle boxes. Much less energy and material is needed to manufacture and ship our puzzles.

The Art & Fable puzzle and box are made from 100% recycled paper board. The puzzle, box and insert all can be recycled, but check first with

 your trash hauler for specifics on how to recycle paper with lamination.​  


We also provide a resealable bag in every box so you can keep your puzzle for years to come and re-experience the joy of an Art & Fable jigsaw puzzle!


In many cases we select

an organization based on

an artists recommendation! 

We also have a special place in our hearts

for Autism Awareness, and through our

donations we will continue to support

organizations that enhance the lives of

children and adults living on the spectrum.

#autisimo   #differentisbeautiful 

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In addition to making great puzzles and supporting great artists, it is our mission to give back with every puzzle we sell. Through your puzzle purchase, you are supporting the charitable work of the following organizations.

Be proud of your completed puzzle and your support of these organizations! Post your puzzle pictures on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtags:

#puzzleforgood   &   #puzzleproud


You can do more good by also tagging the organization on your post so more folks

will learn about their good deeds and how to support them with an A&F puzzle purchase.

You will find their tags and our program updates on our @puzzleforgood instagram page.





  The Art & Fable Bonus Items  

With every Art & Fable puzzle box,

    we include 3 awesome bonus items.


Here at A&F, we are all about the art. Before we had even decided on the name of our company, we knew that no matter what, a beautiful print would come with every puzzle. Not only does it serve as another image to refer to when putting together your puzzle, but when you've completed your project you can frame the print and enjoy the art long after you've finished! 


Is there anything more annoying than a puzzle box top that's constantly falling over while you're trying to put together your puzzle? We've had pieces knocked to the ground never to be seen again, glasses of wine spilled all over the table...  Needless to say, we thought up a solution! Our box top stand is uniquely designed to eliminate topsy turvy accidents so you can puzzle in peace.  


There comes a point when you need your dining room table back... it's time to pack up your puzzle! We provide a resealable bag in each box, so when you want to revisit that jigsaw heaven, everything is where you need it to be!

"From the cover stand, 

the velvet feel, and no glare pieces to the framable art inside...

All I can say is WOW!"

   -Anissa Pellegrino

   Yale Center for British Art Museum Shop