The Art & Fable Puzzle Company sells primarily to gift shops,

museum stores, bookstores, and puzzle stores.  

We do not sell on Amazon. 


If you are interested in adding

Art & Fable Puzzles to your product line

there are 2 ways to do so. 

1. Order our puzzles from Hello Abound.

When new Abound buyers sign up using this link, you will get FREE SHIPPING FOR ONE YEAR!


2. Order from FAIRE.COM.

New to Faire? Follow this link for $100 off your first order, 60 day terms, and 1 year of free shipping!

Would you like more information before

signing up with an online platform?

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option for your shop.


"So what's so special about Art & Fable Puzzle Company? Why all the buzz about a puzzle brand that is relatively new and boasts an inventory of fewer than two dozen designs? To find out, we decided to experience the puzzles ourselves. To say we were impressed would be a huge understatement. Reasons include: absolutely NO puzzle glare, amazing velvety feel, intriguing art, outstanding packaging, Earth friendly materials, a cardboard print in every box that no other puzzle manufacturer even comes close to matching . . . and more!  Well done Art & Fable. Allow us to offer a new name to your growing list of dedicated enthusiasts: Odyssey Fine Puzzles."


- Odyssey Fine Puzzles

"I received the puzzles you

sent me and all I can say is WOW!

Your attention to detail is spectacular!

From the cover stand, the velvet feel and no glare pieces to the framable art inside, you really know our demographic!"


-Anissa Pellegrino,

Yale Center for British Art Museum Shop

“Our customers LOVE these puzzles!!! We have reordered 4 times already!!!”


-Travis Jean Emporium

“These puzzles are the top-selling item in my shop. I had to reorder them 3 or 4 times at the peak of Christmas shopping. And now with the the stay at home mandate the orders I have received are hard to keep up with. I carry almost the full selection of the puzzles. The shipping time is amazing--2-3 days. Marcia is a pleasure to work with!”

- Four Finches Studio 105

“These are great quality, beautiful artwork, and such unique gift items! They're flying off the shelf!”

-Farm 23

"Thank you for sending the puzzles. 

I Love them!   All aspects.  Including the donations to a dog rescue!  Including the zip lock!  INCLUDING the piece quality, poster card, etc.  Great job!"


-Tim Southerst,  PUZZLES 

Lewes, Delaware

"I bought one of your puzzles just to check out

the quality for my museum store.  The pieces are

a great thickness, the surface is pleasing and I

love that you included a plastic bag AND an easel to hold the box cover.  Bravo!"


-Leslie Genszler

Director of Retail Operations  MMoCA

Thank you for your interest in
Art & Fable Puzzles! 




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Located outside of Philadelphia in

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